Titan in natural color Cassini

Titan, we can clearly see the fade of the athmosphere.

Titan is one of the moons of Saturn. Titan has been colonized in 2113 just after The Government gained control over the Earth.

Structures Edit

There is a main prison facility, the TPIF (Titan Prisoner Isolation Facility), wich is very large, approximately 130 km2.

There are numoerous methane extractors that extract methane from liquid methane lakes. There are some special airports to allow transport between Titan and Earth.


  • Average temperature: -179 deg Celcius (93 K)
    517px-Titan cutaway.svg
  • Air: 98% Nitrogen, 2% Methane
  • Surface: hilly, numerous craters, dry, rocky
  • Pressure: 146.7 kPa

Artificial satellites on Titan Edit

Titan sat see saturn

Photography of Saturn took by a meteo satellite being taken by Saturns gravity force.

Because Titan is near Saturn, satellites can hardly be orbited (they are

likely to crash on Saturn). There is a special service, the Titan Orbital Management that regualry reorbits them. They are very important since they make the radio liaison between the Earth and Titan (Titan's clouds are way too dense for high frequencies).

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