The U.S. Capitol

The GovernmentEdit

The Earth is ruled by a single government. There are no countries, nor politicial parties.

The residents of the Earth are called Terrans. Their lives are constantly watched and monitored by the Government in order to maintain peace and order within the society.


The Earth's economy is divided between certain corporations:


The Earth's society is more or less united into one, big nation.

There are some social regions standing out:

Most of the humanity, around 70%, is white caucasian, due to a great war in 2056-2080, when most of the black, asian, and native american people were killed. Those remain in the humanity's 20%, whereas the remaining 10% are machines, soon to start being counted within the population census.


The humanity is constantly being monitored and invigilated to prevent problems and conflicts.

Phone calls are being captured, letters are read. There are cameras in every possible place. Privacy is a long lost and forgotten luxury.

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