Terra Nova is the american part of the Earth controlled by The Government. The administration center is placed in New York.

Most islands in the North are not controlled by The Government nor The Shield, this leads to some major rebel "towns".

Population Edit

There is currently 1,7 billion people on Terra Nova. Most of them are regular citizens but a notable part (20%) are Shield units (to maintain control in the north islands).

TODO : Graphs that looks pro (lolz).

Notable Towns Edit

Terra nova

Black dots are cities.

Red dots are scientific/military bases.

Towns (important ones) (TODO : Names)

  • 1 :
  • 2 :
  • 3 :
  • 4 :
  • 5 :
  • 6 :
  • 7 :
  • 8 :


  • 1 : NRF (North Research Facility)
  • 2 : ATRC (Advanced Technology Research Center)

Local Industry Edit

TODO : Make a research of what resources are avaible now (2010) in these areas.

North Islands Edit

These islands are not administred by The Government but most are controlled by The Shield. The 2 major Shields barracks are the 2 bases, this means that the area near them is clean.

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