Gm bigcity0014

A scout drone flying over some Shield units

Scout drones are small ai-assisted flying machines, moving with the help of fan-based propellers and streams of hot air.

They're linked to the nearest Shield cell using radio frequencies.

They're used to scan the area for threats, illegal activities and so on.

Can be armed with a particle turret.

Radio characteristics Edit

The radio frequency range used by drones allocated by The Government is 45-47.5 Mhz. The data transmitted by the drone are crypted and protected against radar jamming using a numeric packet based protocol, powered with 1 watt.

3 drones can scan an area using triangulation. The frequency searched can be set on-the-fly.

When mounted with an internal rotating directionnal antenna, the drone can be used as a radar to detect heat (low frequency) or water (uhf, ultra high frequency), this mean, humans.


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