A meterogical satellite.

A satellite is an entity that floats around an other, bigger entity (astronomical entity). This article is focused around artificial satellites.

Artificial satellites are used by The Shield in many ways :

  • Meteorogical satellites
  • Defensive satellites
  • Spy satellites
  • Scientific satellites
  • Telecomunication satellites
  • Beacon satellites (used for GPS, Global Positioning System)

History Edit

After The Government ruled the Earth, they decided to destroy all the satellites already in space. The Shield designed a satellite series to destroy these satellites (the series called DestTG), with a particle cannon, and collectors to harvest all the wreckage (the series is called Harvester). These satellites are today inactive since their range is way too short to strick the Earth (a bit shorter than 10 km). Once everything was clean, The Shield contructed new, mulit purpose satellites (see the list below).

Communication Edit

All satellites are linked to the Satellite Control Center (SCC) in <area_near_the_equateur>. Each satellite must have a correct identifier. Satellites without a correct identifier, or not responding to the SCC, are automaticaly destroyed by DestTG satellites (they still have a purpose, but are usefull only in this case).

On Titan Edit

There are satellites on Titan, but only a limited number because of Saturn's gravity field. There are only communications and metorogical satellites there.

Spy satellites Edit

Very oftenly used by The Shield, they are useful when tracking down resistantce and locking targets. They can't shoot. There are 2 series of spy satellites, the SpySat series and the Espion series (even if Espion-3 and Espion-7 are not usable after wreckage hit them).

GPS Edit

The Shield have launched a GPS-like satellite series that emits a special ton on a special frequency (154mhz to 170mhz). These tons are used to determine a position of a receiver placed on Earth using triangulation.

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