Project GenesisEdit

Initially it was an idea I came up with and found interesting. I texted Lex for his opinion and he's joined me. Then we've found more people and somehow, we're on the move.

The IdeaEdit

The whole idea behind Project Genesis is to create a fictional world set on Earth in 2124, where the whole planet (and Titan) is ruled by a single, communist government. We've got our inspirations from Mirror's Edge, "1984", and different dystopian stories.

What to do?Edit

It's simple. To participate, you just have to keep track of things we implement, and, make stuff on your own. That means literally anything creative.


  • Writing stories
  • Writing poems
  • Painting
  • Sketching
  • Making screenshots in Gmod
  • Making music
  • Making videos
  • Playing our soon-to-come forum-based rpg game
  • Playing our also-soon-to-come Garry's Mod roleplay by the name of Genesis RP
  • Making Gmod maps
  • Making Gmod models / weapons
  • Submitting articles for the Wiki

Where to start?Edit

You start on our forums. There, you can talk to the other members of the project, and use the categories provided. You can submit your creations, ideas, play the forum game, give suggestions and so on. This is basically where the project is happening.

All it takes is a bit of creativity and self-confidence. Go ahead, register on our forums, and take part in the innovative initiative!

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