Mk1 2d

2d picture of the Mk1

The Mk1 is one of the 2 standard assault rifles used by The Shield. This gun is popular for it's mobilty (because of it's bullpup design) and its relatively small bullet spread.

The Mk1 is based on a conventionnal weapon technology using the 12.10-1 bullet.

The Mk1 has an 8cm long standard rail, this means that it can be equiped with many useful devices like scopes, optical crosses or minimap-scopes.

Because of it's huge bullets, the Mk1's clip can only store 20 bullets + 1 (if a bullet is already chambered).

Characteristics :

Weight : 2,3 kg

Weight (unloaded) : 1,8 kg

Height : 13 cm

Width : 4,5 cm

Length : 65 cm

Weakness :

The gun clips only have 20 bullets. The gun not come with deviced like torchlight, lasers or grenade launcher slots. These have to be welded by hand (using a welder).

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