Hermes is a corporation belonging to The Government that assures resource connections between all other corporations. On the other hand, it provides transport services for civilian use.

Industrial useEdit

Industrial liaisons are made :

  • On rails (using trains)
  • On roads (using trucks)
  • On the ocean (using transport boats)
  • In space (using cargo ships)

There are no industrial connections made in the air (the ratio of goods transported/time is to low to be interesting).

Rail transport is used when the resources needs to be transported at far destination, using high power trains that can be longer than 2 km. A train can only transport resources between transport nodes.

Road transport is used when the resources need to be transported from a node to their final destination.

Transporting over the ocean is done between maritime nodes.

Space transport is only done between the Earth and Titan. There are 2 space nodes, on Earth and 1 other on Titan.

Civilian UseEdit

Hermes provides easilly-accessible, free civilian transport.

  • Trains
  • Buses
  • Underground shuttles
  • Airplanes
  • Boats

History Edit

Hermes was founded 1 year after the UASR Act was created (this means, in 2101). Hermes started with only trucks but has quickly developed a huge railroad network. First boats were simply normal transport boats, but Hermes constructed their own after 2109 when they saw that the original boats were uneffective.

Hermes started developing space ship cargo after 2105 when The Government anounced the colonization of Titan in 2113.

Details Edit

At the moment Hermes has (in service) :

  • Approximatively 900.000 trucks in service
  • 17 space cargo ships
  • 200.000 transport boat of all species
  • 13.000 km of cargo train tracks
  • 15.000.000 buses
  • 3.000.000 underground shuttles
  • 120.000 km of civilian train tracks
  • 700.000 airplanes
  • 150.000 boats

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