== Genesis RolePlay== Here it is, our Project Genesis themed Garry's Mod roleplay gamemode called "Genesis RP". Genesis RP Content Pack 1.0



  • Main developers: Darkwind & Lex
  • Server:
  • Script: Tiramisu


Our gamemode has numerous cool features:

  • Multi-character support
  • A toggleable GoW-ish third person view
  • Clothing system with helmets and armor
  • Container system
  • Nice animations, like sitting
  • Gear editor- you can swing your gun around your back, or any other part of the body
  • Many occupations to take
  • A nice, darkish climate of oppression
  • An immersive story, soon to be described here.

The StoryEdit

The story of Genesis RP starts in 2152.

There was a conflict between Eco Tech and Cybra Tech. the government was ready to react.

Noone realy knew the reason of the conflict. It was known that Cybra Tech raised the retail prices for Eco Tech, and Eco has dropped down on their environmental and infrastructural maintenance considering Cybra.

After a year, the government has agreed to help Cybra Tech reclaim their losses. Cybra Tech has convinced the goverment that Eco was responsible for the whole situation. Although, except for the seemingly real documents the government was handed, there was also a promise of certain, unknown goods.

Eco Tech was continuing it's struggle. The government started trying to make the society think that Eco Tech is not to be trusted, and that the whole organisation is soon going to be "repaired".

Some people seemed to know the truth. Eco started a secret social campaign, not yet discovered by the government, nor Cybra Tech. It's just a matter of time before it's trials are compromised.

The SidesEdit

A Genesis RP player may choose to stand on either of the following sides:

  • The Government
  • Cybra Tech
  • Eco Tech
  • The society

The GovernmentEdit

As a governmental official, you're a part of the highest sort of power. Depending on your function, you can have control over certain sub-cells of the system.

Cybra TechEdit

Find a way to cover the cons and progress with the experiments. Deceive the government and make Eco Tech the victim.

Eco TechEdit

Reveal Cybra Tech's plans, and bring the former order back. Avoid open conflicts, and don't let the government think you're the cause.

The societyEdit

Live in the world torn by the conflict. Make it live, since you're it's fuel.

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