NASA Blue Marble

It's year 2124. The Earth is ruled by one government.


The world's geography remained the same, except for the sea levels to have raised by approximately 2 meters, and artificial islands been built.

Climate changesEdit

The climate didn't change very much. The average temperature raised by 3 deg Celcius since 2010.

There is more rains and storms.

Administration Edit

Earth is divised in 4 regions :
  • Wild (white)

The Wild region is simply the part of Earth that arn't governed by The Government. Most of rebels are located there but The Shield control most of the areas (but there is no government) leading into some violent fights against forces.

Population Edit

The Government count approximatly 4 billion human living on Earth (due to the great wars) officialy. There could be 200 millions more (rebels mainly).

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